About us

Barry Poling, BEng

Lean Practitioner, Coach and Mentor


Barry has 10 years of experience as a Lean Practitioner and 5 years as a coach and mentor to individuals at all levels of organisations.


Barry delivers results through people, creating a sustainable culture with Lean at it's core. For more information, contact barry@lsprojects.com


Tamsen Poling, BSc

Programme Manager


Tamsen has more that 12 years experience working with complex organisations in the delivery of programmes.


For information on how we can improve your programmes, contact tamsen@lsprojects.com

Passionate about Lean



We have years of experience in the implementation of Lean principles, in multiple industries across the world.

Where recurring processes exist, Lean can help to improve customer value and remove waste, which inevitably drives down cost.

Explore your potential. Contact us now to find out more. culture@lsprojects.com

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